Lure Cigars - Corojo OscuroLure Cigars was created to honor my dad who enjoyed many things in life, but fishing & cigars were at the top of his list. Many of the fondest memories shared with him included tackle and tobacco – visit About Us for more of the story.

We currently have two lines, the Corojo Oscuro and the Habano. The Corojo Oscuro features an attractive rustic and oily aged corojo oscuro wrapper cigars in toro, torpedo, churchill, gordo, and robusto vitolas. The Habano is a classic pair of Nicaraguan puros  – Visit Our Cigars to get a closer look.

Looking to buy our cigars? We do not sell directly to consumers, but you can buy Lure Cigars from our list of selected retailers. Looking to carry Lure Cigars in your shop? Retailers please contact us. Follow us on Instagram and we invite you to post photos and tall tales, use hashtag #LureCigars and tag us @LureCigars.

Lure Cigars launched in Fall of 2023. Oh, and it’s a perfect time to Smoke Great Cigars & Tell Tall Tales! We’d love to hear your cigar & fish stories, drop us a line.

I’ve been an enthusiast since I smoked my first cigar while on a trip to the Florida Keys in the early 90’s, but it wasn’t until my dad passed away this summer that made me pause and realize the days may seem long, but the years are getting shorter. It was just the motivation I needed to move forward with creating my own cigar. Dad taught me to appreciate fine things, but also to be mindful of value. I wanted to create a cigar that was special, something that dad would have enjoyed smoking daily, decidely delicious, and without a dress code. He was a great salesman because he believed in what he sold. Lure Cigars will always strive to offer great cigars, at a great price, and cigars that we enjoy smoking everyday.

Thanks for visiting Lure Cigars. Lure Cigars does not sell any tobacco products directly to consumers. Our website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be viewed by anyone under the legal minimum purchase age of tobacco in your state or jurisdiction. If you are not of the legal purchasing age to purchase tobacco products, please do not view or enter our website.



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